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Contract Flight


At Aerial Earth, We help geomatics companies simplify their GIS data acquisition process.

Together with our aviation partners and our team of pilots and engineers , we are ready to provide you with any needed, real time, custom solution.  


Aircraft Lease, Aircraft Rental
Aicraft Rapid GPS Survey

Rapid GPS , custom antenna installation and setup.

Our team can install and setup any desired , STC approved and non STC'd , external and internal survey equipment.  We will work with your engineers to synchronize all aspects and ensure that your GIS sensor is performing most efficiently.   

For long term projects, we can provide you with a dedicated engineer that is part of the team as the aircraft moves around.

Our on-board avionics is fully integrated into Foreflight using Garmin FlightStream 210. 

All of our pilots are equipped with personal iPads and a cooperate ForeFlight account.  Additional iPad will be provided to your sensor operator as well for increased situational awareness.  Simply send us a KMZ/KML line files and we will do the rest.  KML's are loaded directly into the aircraft avionics. 

Foreflight survey

ForeFlight and GIS integration 

LiDAR Airborne Aircraft

Piper Chieftain - Cargo Access Door

Large cargo access door, allows our customers to load their GIS sensor, directly with a lifting device into the camera hole area.  We will provide you with a rack plate as well for your IT gear.

The Chieftain can carry a pilot, an operator, 1100 pounds of GIS equipment, and perform for 7 hours straight. Day/Night VFR.

Survey Flight Crew, Pilots
Survey Pilots


We work  directly with MARC INC aviation services out of Raymond, Mississippi.  All aviation services are  performed under FAR Part 91,  utilizing NAFTA for operations in Canada and Mexico.   All of our pilots are well experienced with data acquisition projects.  All pilots are listed under the Air Operator Certificate to satisfy Transport Canada and FAA requirements.

Aerial Earth is partnered with VERIMAP Plus INC.

VeriMap has been providing thermal IR (TIR) products for clients since 1993. They have been working with Alberta and BC Forestry, USGS Florida environmental projects, Korean Aerospace Research Institute, and University of Alberta using hyperspectral systems. VERIMAP also provide high resolution 3D imaging products.

Aircraft Lease Survey
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